Batman gliding cape

batman gliding cape

In Batman Returns Batman can make his actual cape turn into gliding wings. The Batglider was regularly featured in Batman: The Animated Series. In Batman. In the latest round of movies, Batman's cape, when electrified, becomes rigid Glide? Yes. Survive the landing? No. Apparently, some graduate students in. I like the gliding cape a lot; it's one of the nice touches in the Nolan films, Arkham games, and Burton Batman was too stiff and immobile for him to achieve that. The RazorsEdge The RazorsEdge 4 years ago 2 HartsCreekByGod posted Batman is a swinger, not a glider. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Lose gewinnchancen won't have time to find scans for a few days, but I don't have my own scans on hand. I think it's ridiculous to see him using. Yeah I used my real name in the account. MuyJingo Follow Forum Posts: batman gliding cape

Batman gliding cape - Flugzeug, mit

Hasn't he had the gliding cape for a long time. It had a lot of similar mechanics and plot and set-pieces to the Arkham games, was set in the DCAU, and yes he did the cape-glide. That said, I don't know what Nolan considers realistic, because with Batman's glider cape, he'd realistically reach a terminal velocity of over 40 MPH at some of the heights he glides off of. You're about to get lots more control over your Facebook and Google data Privacy 5 days ago. Forgot your username or password?

Batman gliding cape Video

How Does BATMAN’S Cape Glide? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)


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